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OVC3860 how to change name

recently MBT28 contanct me on github about OVC3860 based BT modules [1], we have some chat about configuration of this modules, and mbt pointed to microcontroller.net where someone put link to pdf with instruction how to configure OVC3860 based modules (I put it on my github [2] including executable you need).

I personaly tested it, and it works. Change baudrate, name, reconfigure modules class, sound settings ....

tested on winXP,win7 and wine on ubuntu

I try to sniff comunication, to make it configurable from arduino, to be able set BT name by user on final product ....

[1] https://github.com/tomaskovacik/hw/issues/1
[2] https://github.com/tomaskovacik/hw/blob/master/kicad/library/datasheet/

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  1. Hi, I coudn't not setup connection with program, i have red light and message "not connected". Mine setup is UART cabloe on COM1 and baud rate 115200. Terminal program work fine. Can you help me with this ?

    Regards Pawel

    1. start program and then restart module by shorting reset pin to ground. also do not use CH340 based modules, they do not are capable of 115200.

    2. Thanks, works like a charm ! I'm able to change name, PIN ant other. Also i changed btsys_mode flag to CARKIT (0x04), so I can recieve and dial calls. But commands to sync phone book (AT#PA) or list last recieved calls (AT#PM) are not work (zero respononses). But registers recievedCallHistory in config tool are updated. Maybe some additional configuration are needed ?

    3. I do not no why, but alsoni do not remember reading about this module has support fir adressbook, this is why i buy soyo-bT24g module ... But it doesnt support control over uart by default, it must be programed by soyo, and they do jot do it for free ....

    4. ok, I see,

      Sync Phone Book by SIM
      Sync Phone Book by Phone
      Sync Phone Book by Dialed call
      Sync Phone Book by Received call
      Sync Phone Book by missed call
      Sync Phone Book by last call

      It did not work on my module also ... but also change name or pin is not supported anymore :( (AT#MN/MM)

    5. and then, I look at [1] and there is no AT#P* commands mentioned :(

      [1]: https://github.com/tomaskovacik/hw/blob/master/kicad/library/datasheet/BLK-MD-SPK-B_AT_Commands_OVC3860_List.pdf

    6. Yes, you're right, those commands are precise for those module. I found solution for Phone Book access in ovc3860 but not straight, PDF above help with that. I saw command AT#ST - SPP data transmit. So mine conclusion is ... great ! module has Serial Port Profile. I've tried connect in SPP mode with simple Android Bluetooth terminal app, but connection was refused. After that i review again PSKeys PDF [1] for any SPP entries and voila ! In register 430 we can enable SPP channel - change value to 0x01. After that we have full bi-directional data communication in ovc3860 module !
      Mine next step is compose program in Android Studio to send contact name to module via SPP channel on incoming calls :]

      Thank you for help ! Now i have low cost CAR KIT solution, that is fully customizable !

      Best Regards Pawel

      [1] https://github.com/tomaskovacik/hw/blob/master/kicad/library/datasheet/OVC3860_RevE_PSKeys_Setting_v1.2.pdf

    7. Will be nice to see same open source implementation, or at least something i can hack in arduino so i can use it in future prejects, also for car. What car so ypu have?

  2. I have Fiat Panda. Mine goal is to do Car Kit with contact display on dashboard like on this movie [1]. I've done similar dashboard CAN hack on Fiat Panda. Buttons on steering wheel will be used as controller and audio output from ovc3860 will go to AUX input (or phone input if available) on car radio.

    I have all parts to finish project, i need few days to write android application and another few days for tests.
    My work will be published on web, i don't have blog yet, but this project is worth publish, so stay tuned ! I will let you know when I finish.

    [1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtkmyAz1vjg

  3. oh and do not forget about audio part, 0,9V on common audio pin, I tested this preamp and its works: https://github.com/tomaskovacik/hw/tree/master/kicad/differencial_audio_amplifier