utorok, 26. januára 2016

OVC3860 how to change name

recently MBT28 contanct me on github about OVC3860 based BT modules [1], we have some chat about configuration of this modules, and mbt pointed to microcontroller.net where someone put link to pdf with instruction how to configure OVC3860 based modules (I put it on my github [2] including executable you need).

I personaly tested it, and it works. Change baudrate, name, reconfigure modules class, sound settings ....

tested on winXP,win7 and wine on ubuntu

I try to sniff comunication, to make it configurable from arduino, to be able set BT name by user on final product ....

[1] https://github.com/tomaskovacik/hw/issues/1
[2] https://github.com/tomaskovacik/hw/blob/master/kicad/library/datasheet/